Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig Coffee Maker: What’s the difference?

Single-serve brewers are a great way to make your favorite barista inspired hot or cold beverage quickly, conveniently, and hassle-free right in the comfort of your own home. The market has many similar options so let’s find out, between the Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig: What’s the difference?

Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

The Differences Between the Ninja Coffee Bar and the Keurig

Keurig is a single-brew coffee system that uses special containers known as K-cups. It’s available in a variety of models including the popular K575. Leading hot and cold beverage producer and distributor, Keurig Dr. Pepper manufacture it.

The Ninja Coffee Bar is also a single-brew system but it does not use any special cups or pods, only ground coffee. The machine is a combination of a traditional drip-style brewer, espresso machine and a milk frother. SharkNinja Operating LLC, the parent company behind the well-known line of kitchen blenders, juicers, choppers and mixers including the Nutri Ninja manufacture it and one of their most popular models is the SharkNinja CF091.

You can check out how the Ninja Coffee Bar works here (

Both products make a variety of single-serve hot or cold beverages. Let’s dive into what makes them different.

Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig: Brewing System

Keurig uses special, single-use, plastic and aluminum lidded containers called K-cups. These are an incredible invention. They save you valuable time and are easy to use. Just pop it into the machine, push a few buttons and you’re good to go. I recently threw a dinner party for 20 guests and making them coffee to go with their dessert was a breeze. Each guest got the exact flavor they wanted without me breaking a sweat or making a mess.

K-cups are problematic though as the majority are single-use and non-recyclable which poses great environmental concern. Using reusable K-cups are an option but you will, however, have to sacrifice the hassle-free approach to making your favorite drink which is Keurig’s main selling point.

The Ninja Coffee Bar uses ground coffee only. The machine comes with a measuring scoop so you get the right amount of beverage mix but there’s no denying this takes longer and can be messy if you’re not paying attention. However, it does give you more flexibility and ground coffee is more affordable than K-cups. In addition, you get a fresher cup of coffee if you grind your own coffee beans as they have a longer shelf life than ground coffee or anything you might get in a K-cup.

Brew Options and Brewing Time

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Ninja Coffee Bar models come with up to six different brew types. They include Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty, Cafe Flavors, and Cafe Forte. The first four are standard options. For those who like variety and the ability to customize their drinks to match their changing palates, this is a wonderful must-have feature.

Keurig only has two brew types; regular and strong. It relies on the brand and flavor of the particular K-cup used to provide the level of variety that you find on the Ninja Coffee Bar. You’ll appreciate this uncomplicated approach to brewing if you prefer your coffee simple and straightforward.

With regards to brewing time, Keurig models have the market cornered on speed. They brew beverages faster at 3-5 minutes for a cup compared to 6-8 minutes with the Ninja Coffee Bar. This is a great feature for those who run short on time. But there are many models, and you may be confused, Daily Cupo’s reviews for the best Keurig coffee maker will let you know which is right for you.


With Keurig brewers, taste, as well as flavor, are left to the brand of the K-cup used. This machine does little to alter the final taste. It’s only equipped to vary the brew strength and not other influential factors like water temperature or saturation levels. If you’re not a fan of meddling with your coffee brewer and have nothing against the taste of mass-produced beverages, this may be the coffee maker of your dreams.

In contrast, the makers of the Ninja Coffee Bar have paid extra attention to features that influence the taste of what gets made. In addition to offering multiple brew types, this product has Thermal Flavor Extraction, a feature that automatically controls aspects like temperature and saturation levels to ensure a perfectly brewed beverage. It also has Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence, a feature that ensures your drink is not over or under diluted.

Also, since this machine is a drip-style brewer, it’s able to infuse coffee in particular with the thick and creamy characteristics its known for.


Frothers are devices designed to turn milk into the delicious and airy foam that sits atop many of your favorite beverages. I live for frothy concoctions because you can’t have latte art without them and a proper latte or a cappuccino is also out of the question.

If you’re like me and foam is a must have, you’ll be thrilled to find out that all the Ninja Coffee Bar models come standard with either a handheld or a built-in one that can even tackle both hold and cold drinks. This feature would have come in handy at a friend’s house when they spent 15 minutes looking for their frother. They never found it. We had to do without and our drinks definitely did not spark joy.

Frothers don’t come standard feature on the Keurig. You can buy a separate device if you wish but this means spending more money plus you always have to remember where you put it.


With innovative features like Thermal Flavor Extraction and Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence, the Ninja Coffee Bar is a clear winner in the bells and whistles category. It is, therefore, better suited to those who like their beverages with a side of indigenous technology and who do not mind waiting a little longer for a perfectly brewed drink.

If you’re looking for convenience and speed, you’re better off with the no fuss, fast brewing Keurig coffee makers.

In the uber-important taste category, the Ninja Coffee Bar reigns supreme with multiple features that enhance both taste and flavor.

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