How to make a coffee bar in your kitchen?

Are you a coffee enthusiast? If yes, then you are in the right place. As a coffee enthusiast, you probably know that a good home coffee bar is highly essential. However, preparing a coffee bar features a series of problems that require a simple solution. Furthermore, there are several coffee bar ideas out there that you might consider giving a try. In this article, we shall be focusing on how to make a coffee bar in your kitchen. Most of these do it yourself coffee bars are highly functional and they feature some sleek designs that are relatively easy to implement.

Carved-out counter space

This is by far one of the easiest do-it-yourself coffee bar designs for your kitchen. If you have a compact coffeemaker such as Keurig which only needs water and a K-cup in brewing can fit perfectly at the corner of your countertop; especially when that corner is not ideal for any other countertop equipment. You might as well consider hanging playful décor or mugs near your coffeemaker to aid in dressing it up. This will aid in making it feel like an incredible piece of décor and not a visible kitchen tool. Click Cannibal Kitchen to get more ideas.

Well-equipped hutch

Hutches are ideal when it comes to offering the perfect combination of aesthetic as well as storage. The best part is that they feature incredibly huge spaces making perfect for holding coffeemakers. To maximize the storage capability of your hutch, it is best to add a few hooks. In addition to that, you might as well consider getting rid of anything that is not pretty enough to be displayed on your drawers and cabins.

Appliance garage

You might consider making your old kitchen idea new once again by using an appliance garage. Here you will be tucking your coffee bar in its own small countertop cave. Accessing it will be relatively easy and having an obscuring door is more appealing when compared to the standard cabinet doors.

Simple sideboard

In a simple sideboard coffee bar, an antique, vintage, or even a brand new sideboard will be perfect for designing a coffee bar. Furthermore, this coffee bar is not only perfect for your kitchen but also it can fit perfectly in the entryway or your living room. Sideboard withdraws will be perfect for holding stirrers and extra mugs and a mug tree will aid in beautifying the display. This is a highly sophisticated coffee bar design and it works perfectly with decorative trinkets.

Floating shelves

Whenever you have limited counter space, then you might consider the floating shelves coffee bar design. With this design, you will be able to arrange your coffee canisters, mugs, and other essentials in a beautiful way. The best part is that the storage tools will have a sleek look and will feel more of décor than hanging tools.

Final verdict

Storing your mugs and coffee canisters in an accessible area is very essential. As we conclude we hope that the above coffee bar designs will be of great importance. You should keep in mind that, these designs are relatively easy to make in your kitchen.

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