How It Began

I have loved coffee since I was a kid and grew up convinced that drinking coffee was not supposed to just be a morning ritual. I always regarded coffee as an integral part of life and I wanted to one day inspire the same view to millions of other people. The idea to create this blog was sparked off by a deep passion and love for coffee and the people behind the making of every cup.

Our Concept

Are you looking for more than just a daily routine of making and drinking coffee? How about some enlightenment about coffee? Or a new recipe that even the pros haven’t heard about yet? Better still, you could do with the latest news in the coffee industry. If you relate with this concept, then this coffee blog is for you.

Our Mission

We bet that you know the love for coffee is contagious. Our intention is to take advantage of this fact to touch your heart. This is what we are going to use to do that: Brew guides, roasting guides, coffee processing information, as well as featured coffee stories, news, and articles. In the end, we hope to turn you from someone just looking for coffee information into a real-life coffee geek.

In addition to publishing original highlights on coffee commentary, reviews, events, and news, we also purpose to focus on a variety of visitor-inspired topics through coffee-stained lenses. We look forward to building a large base of knowledge on coffee-related topics. This will not only help to keep readers as you informed, but it will also help to conserve the coffee plant for posterity. We believe that if society is armed with the right information about coffee, then future generations will enjoy it better than any one of us is doing now.

Our Team

These are the people who together with you, keep this blog alive.

Grover Collins – Editor

Combining his love for coffee with years of experience as an editor, Grover makes sure the content you get is quality as the coffee you should be drinking. He works best with a mug of espresso beside him. Grover also helps to organize coffee events and fairs.

Audrey  Brown – Writer

When you read Audrey’s work, you will immediately think she went to school to study all about coffee. But it is her passion for the beverage that seasons her writing. She shares her deep and profound knowledge about coffee with our readers in her many articles and stories.

Rena Taylor –Writer

Rena believes that the best news is coffee news. When she is not gathering news to keep you informed, she is busy traveling the world. If you want to know the latest buzz in the coffee industry, then keep a close eye at her contributions.

We all agree that good coffee can help brighten a dull day. This blog, therefore, celebrates coffee and it lovers – people like you, who together with millions of others in the world appreciate coffee time more than anything else.