Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig Coffee Maker: What’s the difference?

Single-serve brewers are a great way to make your favorite barista inspired hot or cold beverage quickly, conveniently, and hassle-free right in the comfort of your own home. The market has many similar options so let’s find out, between the Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig: What’s the difference?

Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig

The Differences Between the Ninja Coffee Bar and the Keurig

Keurig is a single-brew coffee system that uses special containers known as K-cups. It’s available in a variety of models including the popular K575. Leading hot and cold beverage producer and distributor, Keurig Dr. Pepper manufacture it.

The Ninja Coffee Bar is also a single-brew system but it does not use any special cups or pods, only ground coffee. The machine is a combination of a traditional drip-style brewer, espresso machine and a milk frother. SharkNinja Operating LLC, the parent company behind the well-known line of kitchen blenders, juicers, choppers and mixers including the Nutri Ninja manufacture it and one of their most popular models is the SharkNinja CF091.

You can check out how the Ninja Coffee Bar works here (

Both products make a variety of single-serve hot or cold beverages. Let’s dive into what makes them different.

Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig: Brewing System

Keurig uses special, single-use, plastic and aluminum lidded containers called K-cups. These are an incredible invention. They save you valuable time and are easy to use. Just pop it into the machine, push a few buttons and you’re good to go. I recently threw a dinner party for 20 guests and making them coffee to go with their dessert was a breeze. Each guest got the exact flavor they wanted without me breaking a sweat or making a mess.

K-cups are problematic though as the majority are single-use and non-recyclable which poses great environmental concern. Using reusable K-cups are an option but you will, however, have to sacrifice the hassle-free approach to making your favorite drink which is Keurig’s main selling point.

The Ninja Coffee Bar uses ground coffee only. The machine comes with a measuring scoop so you get the right amount of beverage mix but there’s no denying this takes longer and can be messy if you’re not paying attention. However, it does give you more flexibility and ground coffee is more affordable than K-cups. In addition, you get a fresher cup of coffee if you grind your own coffee beans as they have a longer shelf life than ground coffee or anything you might get in a K-cup.

Brew Options and Brewing Time

Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig 1

Ninja Coffee Bar models come with up to six different brew types. They include Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty, Cafe Flavors, and Cafe Forte. The first four are standard options. For those who like variety and the ability to customize their drinks to match their changing palates, this is a wonderful must-have feature.

Keurig only has two brew types; regular and strong. It relies on the brand and flavor of the particular K-cup used to provide the level of variety that you find on the Ninja Coffee Bar. You’ll appreciate this uncomplicated approach to brewing if you prefer your coffee simple and straightforward.

With regards to brewing time, Keurig models have the market cornered on speed. They brew beverages faster at 3-5 minutes for a cup compared to 6-8 minutes with the Ninja Coffee Bar. This is a great feature for those who run short on time. But there are many models, and you may be confused, Daily Cupo’s reviews for the best Keurig coffee maker will let you know which is right for you.


With Keurig brewers, taste, as well as flavor, are left to the brand of the K-cup used. This machine does little to alter the final taste. It’s only equipped to vary the brew strength and not other influential factors like water temperature or saturation levels. If you’re not a fan of meddling with your coffee brewer and have nothing against the taste of mass-produced beverages, this may be the coffee maker of your dreams.

In contrast, the makers of the Ninja Coffee Bar have paid extra attention to features that influence the taste of what gets made. In addition to offering multiple brew types, this product has Thermal Flavor Extraction, a feature that automatically controls aspects like temperature and saturation levels to ensure a perfectly brewed beverage. It also has Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence, a feature that ensures your drink is not over or under diluted.

Also, since this machine is a drip-style brewer, it’s able to infuse coffee in particular with the thick and creamy characteristics its known for.


Frothers are devices designed to turn milk into the delicious and airy foam that sits atop many of your favorite beverages. I live for frothy concoctions because you can’t have latte art without them and a proper latte or a cappuccino is also out of the question.

If you’re like me and foam is a must have, you’ll be thrilled to find out that all the Ninja Coffee Bar models come standard with either a handheld or a built-in one that can even tackle both hold and cold drinks. This feature would have come in handy at a friend’s house when they spent 15 minutes looking for their frother. They never found it. We had to do without and our drinks definitely did not spark joy.

Frothers don’t come standard feature on the Keurig. You can buy a separate device if you wish but this means spending more money plus you always have to remember where you put it.


With innovative features like Thermal Flavor Extraction and Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence, the Ninja Coffee Bar is a clear winner in the bells and whistles category. It is, therefore, better suited to those who like their beverages with a side of indigenous technology and who do not mind waiting a little longer for a perfectly brewed drink.

If you’re looking for convenience and speed, you’re better off with the no fuss, fast brewing Keurig coffee makers.

In the uber-important taste category, the Ninja Coffee Bar reigns supreme with multiple features that enhance both taste and flavor.

5 Best Popcorn Poppers For Roasting Coffee 2019

It is hardly possible to brew coffee from green beans. A mandatory roasting of the beans is probably the most important process required to make it gradable for brewing. Thus, people who love to brew their own coffee must seek to find the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee.

Best Popcorn Popper For Roasting Coffee

Best Popcorn Poppers For Roasting Coffee 2019

1. The Great Northern Spinner popcorn popper

A sturdy and very efficient spinner popcorn popper that cab reliably serves as a complete coffee roaster. It is a pot; 6 quart that roasts a large amount of beans, preventing one-sided heating, spreading the heat evenly as a result of its stainless steel body with the lid holding the heat in so as to circulate quite evenly.

Innovational designed, the lid provides an option to help the moisture escape to prevent it from mixing up with the beans enabling efficient roasting. Knowing how fried the beans are however will determine if they are light, mediumly or darkly roasted.

It also provides a spinner stirring mechanism that aids stirring the beans and saving them from burning.

What We Like about this Spinner Popcorn Popper

  • It has an Ample internal space that ensures the beans are not tangled inside the pan while the spinner stringing mechanism then saves the beans from burning.
  • An Efficient heat circulation and spinner stirring ensuring the beans are frying evenly.
  • The lid allows the moisture to escape as if the beans can quickly create the popping sound through being fried faster.
  • The Wooden handle allows to safely use the pan and for easier cleaning of the surface.

2. Franklin’s Stovetop Popcorn Machine Popper

One can similarly fry the beans with this popcorn popper, it would be wise however to first generate the heat. This is because the pot is made from aluminum which has outstanding heat productivity when put over a gas stove.

Thus, putting it over a gas stove while using the same energy would result in hearing the popping sound relatively in lesser time than a silver pot.

However, the aluminum can spread the heat all over the pan quicker and more evenly. Thus, the beans that aren’t being focused by the flames can be still heated because of the efficient heat circulation.

At 6 quart, it offers incredible space for frying lots of beans with the easier and safest stirring system stirring the beans efficiently with every turn of the handle. The black coated exterior looks quite attractive for any modern kitchen.

3. The West Bend 82505

A completely automatic coffee roaster that automatically stirs the beans while it efficiently generates the heat. This pan comes with a triple layer heating surface which spreads heat wisely and gradually changes the green beans into the brown colored beans.

A non-stick coated heating surface stops the beans from being stuck to the heating surface.

The motorized stirring system continuously stirs the beans with the large internal space ensuring the beans are moving freely in the pan.

The vented cover prevents moisture from passing away while one can easily watch the condition of the beans through the clear cover. The heat resistant base saves the countertop from damages.

4. Wabash Valley Farms – Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Could be said to be the most popular popcorn popper I have probably ever seen as it aims to save the contents from being burned after frying.

The continuous stirring and efficient heat circulation ensure that one can perfectly get the beans roasted at the desired level. The cool wooden handle saves your hand from intense heat.

It has an optimal heat-trapping ability that circulates the heat adequately throughout the pan. The spinner stirring system means you don’t need to lift up the lids to stir the beans.

5. MeyKey Popcorn Maker

Many like the electric popcorn maker as there is no requirement to stir and maintain it during frying. The popper spins continuously while the turbine channel produces the hot air to circulate all over the beans.

The MeyKey Popcorn popper is built with an easier on/off switch that makes the turbine chamber to start generating the heat while the hopper turns constantly to save the beans from getting burnt.

Buying Guide to the Best Popcorn Popper for Roasting Coffee

Many people love the natural aroma and fresh smell of brewed coffee. However, the older the roasted beans are, the greater the chances of losing its aroma and freshness.

Thus, if one is to use a homemade roasting procedure, it is important to know how older or fresh the roasted beans are. So, if one is to roast a large batch of the beans weekly or monthly, you should have the chance to brew coffee from the freshly ground coffee.

That’s why the need for a coffee roaster comes in handy. So if you want a popcorn popper as a roaster, here is a buying guide for you to get the best one.

Getting Easy Stirring Option

While one is roasting the beans it is important that you stir them, else, the beans would not be roasted properly and they may begin to burn.

So, it is important to keep stirring until the end (until they start cracking). Stirring the beans by a shaft can be quite difficult and that’s why the popcorn makers probably should have its own or built-in stirring system.

The electric popcorn poppers come with an automatic stirring system so that the beans in the hopper keep moving freely as a result of the rotatable hopper, the hot air, and the automatic stirring system.

So, one need not worry while the electric popcorn popper roasts the beans.

It is important to manually turn the stirring of the stovetop(Manual) popcorn popper so that when you turn the handle, the beans in the pan then stirs rather automatically.

Also, one can safely turn the handle of the stovetop popcorn popper and their hands would stay safe from the hotter pan. Therefore, this manual stirring system is quite undoubtedly one of many safest way to use.

Poppers with Cool Handles

If using your stovetop popcorn popper to roast the beans at a certain 430 degrees F temperature, you should make sure to be safe from the hot metal body. That is, if the handle tends to also become hot with the hotter pan, transferring it to another place could be risky.

However, a very much durable and cool wooden handle could save your hands from these risks and you could comfortably begin to handle the pan. The electric popcorn popper could come with certain types of handles, but in the end, it does really matter whether it really remains cool enough or not to save the skin of your hands from burns.

Therefore, make sure the handle can make the maintaining task easy and save your hands from burns.

Stovetop(Manual) Popcorn Poppers Can be Great For Multiple Roasting Methods

When putting the stovetop popcorn popper over a gas stove, one could increase or reduce the temperature. This could be very helpful for applying multiple roasting methods over your coffee beans.

The silver, stainless steel, and the aluminum stovetop coffee roaster could reach 235-degree Celsius or more. Therefore, you could get the dark roasted beans at this temperature while the medium and light roasts can be much easier.

This is because you can necessarily increase and reduce the temperature into different ranges.

Smaller Electric Poppers Can Be Great For Lighter or Medium Roasting

Most of the electric popcorn poppers do not tend to offer any form of temperature maintenance dial and it could only generate the temperature at a certain level which could be only enough for just light and medium roasting.

Just after the first cracking of light roasting, one would have to wait to get the chocolate brown colors of the beans, and particularly because of the limited temperature level it could take time.

Thus, one must wait until it is starting to get done and making a dark appearance of the beans which could be difficult by an electric popper.

People who love to brew their own coffee may confidently depend on the popcorn poppers to roast the beans. For this cause, there are suggested some of the best popcorn poppers that can efficiently satisfy the desired roasting of one’s coffee beans.


Conclusively, it is perhaps safe to say the Franklin’s Stovetop Popcorn Machine Popper meets the most basic requirements of the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee.

Boasting a size that could fry more beans than the others, a much easier and safer stirring system that stirs the beans efficiently with every turn of the handle which is wooden as well for safe carriage, preventing burns or heat injuries. Its incredible heat circulation system as a result of the aluminum also ensures multiple frying options with its transparent lid providing accurate monitoring, making it well set to serve as the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee.

What’s the Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew?

We all like our coffee differently and how it’s made. Some of us like it warm, while others prefer it cold. Others like it instant while others need a grinder. Today we’ll be focusing on what is the best coffee grinder for cold brew looks like.

Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew

The Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew 2019

1. Shanik Premium Quality Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder Burr

The first on our lineup is the Shanik Premium Quality Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder Burr. Right out the door, this product comes with a full set of grinder and brewer. This is good because it saves you shopping for both brewer and grinder separately. The size of both of them is so compact that you can bring this anywhere making it great if you’re someone who likes coffee on the go. There’s even a measuring base on the grinder itself to make it easy for you to know how much coffee beans you need. That being said, my friends saw this grinder as a last minute resort mainly due to the ceramic burr that’s used to grind the coffee beans.

2. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The second product on our list is the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. This uniquely shaped coffee grinder stands out in many ways. Some good, some not so good. On the good side, the fact it’s a manual grinder allows the company to design it in a way for customers to break the grinder down. This is good for storing. On top of that, the combo burr blades is a patent-pending design and is designed to last longer than traditional steel blades. The not so good side of this is because it’s manual and uniquely shaped, you need to hold the grinder a certain way. This can lead to poorer quality and inconsistent grinds.

3. AICOK Electric Coffee Grinder Fast and Fine Fineness Coffee Blade Grinder

Third up is the AICOK Electric Coffee Grinder Fast and Fine Fineness Coffee Blade Grinder. This coffee grinder was designed to grind coffee beans at a large capacity. It can grind upwards of 60 grams at a time yielding 12 cups of coffee. This is great if you’re someone who drinks a lot of coffee or needs to serve coffee quickly to many people. The design is sleek and because the top is transparent, you can make sure you get all the grinds you need. Setting aside that this grinder is a blade coffee grinder, the design does have a drawback. Due to its compact nature, the engine is dangerously close to the coffee beans. This means you’ll produce an even lesser quality cup of coffee.

4. Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder

Moving along, our fourth product is the Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder. This electric coffee grinder can store up to 2.5 ounces which yield 7 cups of coffee, however, its strong suit is in its ease of use. The fact you only need to press a button and it grinds coffee is convenient for beginners. You can even use it to grind nuts, herbs, grains, and spices as well. The only real drawback with this is much like the AICOK electric coffee grinder in that it’s small and compact. This can lead to overheating issues potentially depending on what you’re grinding and how long it’ll take.

5. Manual Coffee Grinder by Flafster Kitchen

The final product on the list is the Manual Coffee Grinder by Flafster Kitchen. It’s a manual coffee grinder that uses a burr, but the design is fashioned in a way to make the grinding process easier. You can also make adjustments to the coarseness of the burrs allowing you to brew the grounds any way you like. This is perfect for those who have different coffee makers and need different quality of grounds. The catch to this grinder though is it can be very hit or miss. I’ve had friends who swear by this coffee grinder and others who tried it only to have it break after a few uses.

Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew Buying Guide

It’s important to know what we should be looking for in a grinder. First of all, there are two types of grinders that are suitable for beginners: burr coffee grinders, blade coffee grinders. The differences between each one generally boil down to the quality of the grinds, the steps you need to do to get your cup of joe, and the quality of your cup of coffee.

The most common coffee grinders are the burr and blade coffee grinders. Blade coffee grinders are known for their quick grinding process, but they tend to miss a few beans. This comes back to the coffee as it’s a weaker cup in terms of flavor. On the other hand, burr coffee grinders grind coffee beans to a finer point. They’re also more consistent in the grinding process too. They may take a bit longer than the blade coffee grinders but you’ll get a richer cup of coffee. This video also does a good quick comparison and shows the results too.

You may also find other types of grinders, however, they don’t make the grinds themselves. Instead, these products are used to make your coffee. You have the traditional drip coffee makers as well as the French press coffee makers. The difference between the two is how they make coffee in the end. The drip coffee makers take water, boils it and lets it seep into the grinds in which it drips out into the pot. A french press coffee maker takes the grinds and mixes it with warm or cold water, stirred and then filtered through via the press which pushes the grinds to the bottom of the pot. This video makes a quick comparison of the two. We won’t be focusing so much on coffee makers, however, if you buy a grinder, a good addition is a coffee maker that takes grinds.

But getting back to coffee grinders, it really depends on your own personal preferences. Every person likes their coffee differently and each grinder will provide a different type of coffee for you. All the same, how people make their coffee comes down to personal preferences as well. But when you set that aside you’re left with a few things that a good coffee grinder could be.

The first element is how many steps you need to take to make that cup of coffee. Each grinder will come with instructions for how to make the grounds. These instructions should be clear, and simple to follow.

The second element is the materials that are used in the coffee grinder. When you use it, you obviously want to make sure it does its job. However, you also want the product to last. The last thing you want is a coffee grinder to experience issues with the grinding process a few months into using it. This is important because companies will use various materials for the blade and the container itself.

But the final element is most important and it touches on both of the previous elements. That is how easy it is to use the product. If parts are breaking down sooner than they should that’ll affect the quality of the grounds but also the length of the grinding process. Furthermore many grinders are manual grinders which means you’re going to need the grinder to be easy to hold onto. This makes the design and the type of material more important.

With these three elements in mind, I’ve looked at some of the coffee grinders that my friends have bought or that I heard of and have this to say about them.

Which One Is The Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew?

Out of the five I talked about, the one that stands out the most to me is the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. While many can see the design as a drawback, I see potential with it. The unique design allows you to grip the grinder in your own way. This is good because you can find the best and easiest way to grip the grinder yourself and make the coffee that you like.

Once you get past that learning curve, you have a grinder that’s designed to last you for a long time. Thanks to the patent-pending design of the combo burr blades, you can make good quality coffee for longer than the other grinders on this list.

Top 11 Best Chicago Coffee Bars You Would Love

Chicago Coffee Bar

Chicago is a city that’s seriously blessed with an abundance of top-quality coffee bars – so much so that the biggest problem for any self-respecting coffee buff is choosing where to head for a brew. Here’s our guide to 11 of the best so at least you’ll have some idea where to start!

1. Kopi A Traveler’s Café

An established Chicago favorite that’s been around for years. This coffee bar has a laidback hippie vibe and is a great place to come to kick back and relax with a hot brew. Their menu also boasts a range of delicious and often exotic eating options, with plenty of choice for vegetarians – try the tempeh burger if you’re unsure what to order. The quirky floor seating on cushions is fun for a coffee bar experience with a difference.

2. Sawada

A true coffee lover’s coffee bar. If you can’t stand the characterless brews offered in the big chains and want a drink brewed by a skilled barista who knows the craft, this is one of the top picks in the city. For something simple but brewed to perfection, opt for one of the pour-overs – but if you want something a little more outlandish, Sawada is famous for the “military latte” – a mix of espresso, milk and matcha. Highly recommended for those who care about what they drink.

3. Big Shoulders Café

A popular local favorite for pour-over coffees and espressos and well worth considering if you enjoy top-end coffee. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the staff are friendly, welcoming and skilled at what they do. If you just want to drink an expertly brewed cup of regular-style brewed coffee or a classic espresso drink, this is the place to come – but they also have a range of more original options, too. Try the marshmallow latte if you’re feeling in need of a treat.

4. Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Gaslight Coffee Roasters coffee bar

A coffee bar that is squarely aimed at the hipster coffee crowd but that still manages to remain totally unpretentious. They specialize in excellent coffee and also offer a range of tempting food options. The atmosphere is laidback and relaxed, and the place is often full of customers who come to sip on a brew and while working on their laptops. The staff are helpful and attentive, and the lattes and the macchiatos are well worth making the trip for. Also, If you want to grind and brew coffee at home, You can buy their variety of fresh roast coffee beans, including Jamaican Blue Mountain.

5. Osmium Coffee Bar

This place has two strong points: the design of the establishment and the coffee itself. If you want to sip on some of the best coffee in town in a locale that is practically a work of art, then this is your place. This coffee bar has a hip and trendy vibe and is staffed by friendly and helpful baristas. It’s popular with locals, which is always a good sign, and they have some particularly tasty donuts to go with your coffee. The Wake and Bake latte is an intriguing option if you’re feeling adventurous.

6. Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea

Intelligentsia is one of the leading lights of the Third Wave coffee movement, and now they have branches in several different locations in both the States and in Canada – but Chicago is where it all began. Check this place out if you are looking for a great vibe and a bustling atmosphere – and of course, top-quality coffee. The staff are well-trained and highly knowledgeable. If you don’t know what to order, try the cold brew.

7. Ipsento

For coffee lovers looking for something a little more creative and unusual, Ipsento is highly recommended. That’s not to say they don’t do the basics well – their regular coffees are all excellent, as are their pastries – but what makes this place stand out from the crowd is their specials. Where else would you find ingredients like cayenne pepper in a coffee? The atmosphere is cozy, and the staff are friendly. The Nutella latte comes highly recommended.

8. The Wormhole

The Wormhole coffee bar

Travel back in time in this retro coffee bar complete with 70s and 80s décor and even old-school games consoles to play while you sip your brew. This place might look to the past in terms of style, but they are definitely forward-looking when it comes to their innovative take on coffee. They also have a great selection of delicious pastries that are all but impossible to resist. Friendly staff and very popular with locals.

9. Bridgeport Café

Another of Chicago’s hidden gems that is well worth the effort of hunting down. They serve excellent coffees – their espressos are particularly good – but also have a great range of other food and drink options too. The bagels are tasty and reasonably priced, and the beautifully-made selection of pastries are especially tempting. The smoothies here are also highly recommended. A good option for breakfast if you’re in the area.

10. Plein Air Café

Plein Air Café coffee bar

A popular and reliable favorite that is often busy around lunchtime – always an indication that a place is worth visiting. This café features classic-style décor and the staff are friendly and patient. They offer a wide selection of drinks and also have an extensive menu of delicious and healthy food options. This is an ideal place to stop for a quick bite if you’re visiting the neighborhood. The cappuccinos and cortados are well worth trying.

11. Dollop Coffee Co

Dollop Coffee Co is most famous for its line of creative and original mochas. For a little bit of chocolatey decadence, opt for the Nutella mocha – but if you want something slightly more leftfield and eccentric, you just have to try the Mexican mocha laced with chili. The baristas are friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. They also have a decent selection of breakfast options, making it a good pick for an early bite to eat before hitting the office.

Spoilt for choice

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the Windy City, one thing’s for sure: you’ll never find yourself too far from a place for your coffee fix. Whether you want a laidback vibe to chill or somewhere with a bit more bustle and energy, you’re sure to find the ideal establishment in Chicago.

13 Broad Ripple Coffee Bars You Can Try

If you’re staying in the Broad Ripple area, you’ll want to take advantage of the famous coffee bar and nightlife. Here, we take you on a tour of the coffee and other interesting establishments in and around Broad Ripple – so you’ll know where to head when you arrive.

1.  Brics – Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station

BRICS Coffee Bar

A hidden gem and perhaps the best ice cream in the whole of Indianapolis. This cute and distinctive building houses a broad selection of intriguing ice cream flavors served in generous portions. A little out of the way but well worth the effort of hunting down. The cookies are good too.

2.  Ripple Bagel and Deli

Ripple Bagel and Deli Coffee Bar

A lively place that serves a wide range of delicious bagels. Ripple Bagel and Deli is a small and unassuming eatery, but the food is good and very reasonably priced. The staffs are also friendly and helpful. An ideal option for brunch or lunch – with a laidback and welcoming atmosphere too.

3.  Cake Bake Shop

Cake Bake Shop Coffee bar

A lovely cake shop with exquisite décor – you’ll love the attention to detail here. But what you’ll enjoy even more is the food. Don’t expect just cakes though, because they serve a lot more than just that, and all of very high quality. Before you leave, make sure you do try a slice of cake – they’re exceptional.

4.  Monon Coffee Co

Monon Coffee Co Coffee Bar

For caffeine fiends in need of a hit, Monon Coffee Co is one of the best places to find a brew. Their signature drinks include the White Zombie and the Choo Choo Brew – and they do a mean white chocolate mocha too! A great place to hang out and chill, get some work done or just meet up with friends. They have a good range of high-quality coffees and skilled baristas to brew them for you. If you want more joy, Try to find some coffee guides before go.

5.  Petite Chou

Petite Chou coffee bar

Located to the north of Broad Ripple village, whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, Petite Chou is always a reliable choice. As you may guess from the name, the food they serve here is French, with a good range of classic bistro options. Good service, outdoor seating and also vegan-friendly. The veggie burger is highly recommended.

6.  Thai Café

Thai Café coffee bar

If you are craving something a little more exotic, head to Broad Ripple’s Thai Café. The food is excellent – and if you like it spicy, they can do it for you! The service is good, the staff are friendly, the portions are generous and the food is authentic – what more do you need? Try the Thai iced tea, it’s just like the real thing from Thailand!

7.  Indy Hostel

Indy Hostel Coffee Bar

If you’re looking for somewhere friendly to stay in Broad Ripple, the Indy Hostel comes highly recommended. The reception is open from 10am-10pm, and they offer a range of services, including Wi-Fi, guest computer, free luggage storage, local guidance, suggestions about places to visit and bike rental to help you explore the area.

8.  Union Jack Pub

Union Jack Pub Coffee shop

If you’re looking for a place to sink a pint of beer or two while enjoying some tasty bar food, Union Jack Pub in Broad Ripple should be high on your list. They are renowned for their pan pizza, which is always perfectly crisped and topped with plenty of melted cheese. The atmosphere is lively and pub-style. They also have a good selection of brunch options.

9.  Naked Tchopstix

Naked Tchopstix coffee shop

If you need your sushi fix in Broad Ripple, you can do far worse than heading over to this eccentrically-named restaurant. The food here is excellent – this place is especially famous for their sushi rolls, so don’t pass up on the chance to try them. The food is not necessarily genuine authentic Japanese-style sushi, but it’s delicious all the same.

10. Hubbard and Cravens Coffee and Tea

Another coffee and tea lovers’ heaven, this place has a wide selection of beverages and friendly and knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to help you choose. This is a coffee bar for those who are serious about their coffee – get yourself a big French press of the Bali and sit down to share it with a couple of friends! Welcoming atmosphere and good, reliable Wi-Fi.

11. A Taste of Havana

Broad Ripple’s undisputed number one Cuban sandwich joint. If you are looking for a taste of the Caribbean, this is the place to head. There is a good range of authentic Cuban fare as well as some more experimental stuff, all of which is absolutely delicious. The Cuban coffees here are also unmissable and the perfect finish to a good Cuban lunch.

12. Insomnia Cookies

If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a place for dessert, Insomnia Cookies comes highly recommended. This place is famous in the Broad Ripple area – if you can’t understand why a place that “just” makes cookies is so reputed, then you should definitely make a point of finding out. They make their cookies on site, and they’re tastiest when they’re fresh out of the oven. Insomnia Cookies also delivers until 3 am.

13. Einstein Bros Bagels

Another great choice for bagel fans, this well-known chain serves up a good selection of top-quality gourmet bagels and similar food items. They also carry a good range of coffees and other drink options. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, making this a good place to sit if you need somewhere quiet to get some work done. A bonus for early risers is that they are open from 5:30 am.

Plenty of choice for all tastes

As you can see, Broad Ripple village has a wide range of coffee bars and eateries for all tastes and budgets. If you just want a coffee or a bite to eat, there are plenty of places to choose from. Those looking for something more elaborate or exotic are also well served.

Broad Ripple also has a host of nightspots for those hoping for a night on the town – and, as Broad Ripple’s motto goes, “we’re open if you are”.